Nissan IM03

Formula E uses a single-make chassis from Spark Racing Technology and a spec battery made by McLaren Applied Technologies. Teams can make their own powertrain, which comprises of the motor, inverter and transmission as well as their own brake-by-wire system.



The carbon fibre bodywork is designed like no other race car. The striking design not only helps aerodynamic efficiency by reducing drag, but is also catered for wheel-to-wheel racing allowing for the best on-track action. Most of the downforce is produced by a huge rear diffuser, allowing grip to be generated even when driving in the turbulent air behind another car.


The McLaren Applied Technologies 52kWh battery has almost double the range of the previous one used in Formula E’s Gen 1 era (2014-2018). It produces 250kW of power, giving the car a potential top speed of over 280km/h (174mph).


Formula E uses Brembo brakes and brake-by-wire systems, which the teams develop. The system uses the car’s Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to determine how much braking force is required and how much force is put towards regenerating energy.


Formula E uses bespoke MichelinPilot Sport all-weather tyres, unique to the series and specifically designed for the unique challenges of racing on city centre street circuits.


The Gen2 car features the FIA Halo head protection device, which is also houses a strip of LED lighting to indicate when a driver is using Attack Mode or full power. The high-strength titanium can withstand 125 tonnes of force.